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About us

Meleóra jewelry was founded in 2021 by two friends with a shared love for jewelry. Our journey started as a search for the world's most unique jewelry. After a couple of years of exploration, design sessions and many prototypes, we are super excited to finally present Meleóra.

Meleóra stands for unique, handmade and personalised, but at the same time also trendy, minimalistic and elegant jewelry.

Every Meleóra piece is unique and one of a kind, just like the woman that wears it. When you order one of our pieces, we make a custom piece just for you, meaning that while they might be similar in style, no two pieces are exactly the same. 

When designing our products, we were inspired by elegant and confident women, who shape opinions, change the world daily and improve every room they are in with their presence. It is our sincere hope that our jewelry makes the women who wear it feel just as important, graceful and confident. 

All our products are custom made in Europe using high-quality materials.

Every Meleóra piece is one of a kind just like the woman wearing it. 











Društvo Meleóra